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 I had a back injury in the past falling down a flight of stairs, and ever since then i've been suffering with chronic back issues. I searched & tried out multiple forms of treatments, and therapists, and I was so grateful to finally find Owen who introduced me to Amatsu . With this my quest of finding the right treatment that suits me best ended. I find his treatments firm enough to work his magic yet the manipulations are gentle enough to not cause trauma. I like that the treatment is based on supporting the body to unwind & find its own balance. He is also very intuitive & sensitive to his patients discomfort .I feel so light & relaxed after the treatments - I can feel the stuff that weighed me down has disappeared , giving me more energy to face life.

Dr  Durgavasini Devanath
NCHD at Cork University Hospital 

NCHD Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

  Owen Farren   

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